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Viswa Shanti Prayer

Viswa Shanti Prayer
Author: Swami (Dr) Snehananda Jyoti

¬†          God, Universal Consciousness, / Parameshwar (Cosmic Controller), / you take care of the entire creation, and provide for it. / I surrender to you totally./ I do not know what will happen to me;/ but I am sure / nothing will happen to me / that has not been willed, foreseen, and pre-ordained by you. / There are times when I wonder about your own existence; / sometimes I wonder if I have the right kind of faith. / One thing I am certain; / I desire to love you with my whole being, / and love my fellow humans as I love myself. / Often times I fail in this. / But I never give up, / and try and try again. / As a searcher of Truth / I do not want to wander away from the path of Truth / that is you. / My constant yearning is to live and move / in you every moment of the day, / and do your Will as communicated through my conscience. / Even if I do not manage to do any good to any human, / let me at least not do any harm to anyone in thought, word, or deed. / You are within me, outside me, around me. / You know all about me. / Give me the grace to love everyone / the way you love, / to treat everyone the way you treat. / If I do not receive what I ask for, / help me accept what you give or permit. / Let me accept all and bless all. / Let me celebrate the only life you have given me. / May all enjoy the harmony and peace that you alone can grant.

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