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"You are your own master; you make your own future."   - Dhammapada





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Blooming Stars

           Swami (Dr) Snehananda Jyoti is regularly contributing to 'Share and Learn' E - blogs, published by 'Indian Thoughts'. His collection, 'Bloomig Stars', is the summary of his years long observations of human mind and behaviour. These articles are widely read and used for referrences. They are posted in this website. Below, we give you the list of topics so far published. Click on your choice topic to read the full article.
A Theology for the ModernEffects of Religions Growth of Religions
Higher Consciousness Humanity to be CleansedJeevanmukta – Liberated from Life
Matter of Faith No Hope, No LifeProgramming, Deprogramming, and Reprogramming of the World -8
10 Programming, Deprogramming, and Reprogramming the World – 10 11 Programming, Deprogramming, and Reprogramming the World – 11 12 Programming, Deprogramming, and Reprogramming the World – 12
13 Purity of Intention
Other Categories
Psychological Psycho-social Psycho-spiritual Religious Present World Order
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