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"You are your own master; you make your own future."   - Dhammapada





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Blooming Stars

           Swami (Dr) Snehananda Jyoti is regularly contributing to 'Share and Learn' E - blogs, published by 'Indian Thoughts'. His collection, 'Bloomig Stars', is the summary of his years long observations of human mind and behaviour. These articles are widely read and used for referrences. They are posted in this website. Below, we give you the list of topics so far published. Click on your choice topic to read the full article.
Our AttitudeAnomalies of Democracy Arriving at Truth
Be Realistic Beyond Dogmas and DoctrinesCelebrating Life Today
Cognitive-Behavioral Model Compromising with TruthConsumer Culture – 8
10 Dealing with People 11 Dealing with Terrorism 12 Decision-making and Discernment
13 Diathesis-Stress Model 14 Dealing with Terrorism 15 Decision-Making and Discernment
16 Formula for Life 17 Grappling with Life 18 Ferguson Break-Down of Law and Order
19 Healthy Detachment 20 Higher Consciousness 21 Humanity to be Cleansed
22 Human Situations – 2 23 Human Situations – 3 24 Guarding Freedom
25 Humanity’s Crisis of Distrust 26 Humanization 27 Intentional Living
28 Lacking Empathy and Compassion 29 Leading Questions 30 Letting Go off Anger
31 Life is a Predicament 32 Living in the Past 33 Managing Anger
34 Medical Model 35 Mental Disorders 36 Mental Health
37 New Year 2015 38 No Hope, No Life 39 Optimist Versus Pessimist
40 Passive, Aggressive, Assertive 41 Personality 42 Programming, Deprogramming, and Reprogramming the World – 1
43 Self-Transparence 44 Signs of a Searcher for Truth 45 Signs of an Accomplished Person
46 Spiritual Living 47 Status of the World –9 48 The Supremacy of Conscience
49 Tough Love 50 Vital Signs of Mental Health 51 What is at Stake
52 Where am I 53 Who am I 54 Who am I Where am I Headed
55 Why Worry
Other Categories
Psycho-social Psycho-spiritual Religious Spiritual Present World Order
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