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"You are your own master; you make your own future."   - Dhammapada





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            East-West Awakening (EWA) is a holistic organization for integration of the body, mind, and spirit with a view to awareness and self-realization. It draws from wisdom streams of East and West. It assimilates healthy elements from any religion, persuasion, and tradition. It serves all peoples irrespective of race, color, class, nationality, and creed. The purpose of East-West Awakening is to facilitate self-realization, peace, soul-force, healing, and reconciliation with others and God in order to create a global community respecting cultural diversity. EWA is associated with Navasrushti International Trust and Indian Thoughts in disseminating its purpose.

            East-West Awakening is a non-profit, charitable organization having educational, spiritual, and therapeutic centers in the USA and India. Persons living or participating in programs at these centers donate according to their ability. The centers focus on Eastern and Western lindameditative experiences, yoga, retreat, counseling, human relations, conflict resolution, non - violence, Ayurvedic healing, stress management, and nutritious eating. Dr. John K. Thekkedam (Swami suchetaSnehananda Jyoti) who is a licensed Clinical Psychologist as well as a catholic Priest (independent of any church) and a Spiritual Guide is the founder and Director of East-West Awakening. He was a Jesuit for 25 years. He has taught courses in Psychology, Psychotherapy, Multi - cultural counseling, and Ethics and Professional Affairs in Jnana Deep Vidyapeeth (Institute of Philosophy and Religion), Pune, India, and in Lindenwood University, St. Charles, Missouri, USA. He worked as a clinical psychologist for the Missouri Department of Mental Health for 11 years. He was the linda Director of Psychological Services in the Department of Psychiatry of Kenneth Hall Regional Hospital (formerly St. Mary's Hospital) in East St. Louis from July 1992 till June 2006. He was a Director of Pastoral Care Services in Hawthorn Children's Psychiatric Hospital, St. Louis. Currently he has a private practice and ministry in the bi-state area of Missouri and Illinois and in his Ashrams (centers) in Kerala, India. He is active in the Federation of Christian Ministries while he is in the USA.

           From August 2006, Dr. Thekkedam divides his time between India and the USA. His wife, Linda who is a Registered Nurse, is a partner in East-West Awakeninag Ministries. There are also others who assist him. His daughter, Sucheta, had her Bharat Natyam Arangettam (Classical Indian Dance Debut) in July 2005. She is currently studying for her doctorate in Clinical Psychology at St. Louis University, St. Louis, USA.

       H Q (USA)

East-West Awakening, P. O. Box 38274, St. Louis, MO 63138-0274    
Contact Information for USA: Dr. John K. Thekkedam/Linda Thekkedam, 1505 Haviland Drive, St. Louis, Missouri 63137, USA. Ph: +(11) 314/868-2038 Mob: +(11) 314/435-6679    

       H Q (India)
Dr. John K. Thekkedam/Linda Thekkedam, Shantisadan Siddhashram (Peace Center for Realization),
Munnar, Kerala. 685 569. Ph: +(91) 04865 265 731 Mob: 9447613996

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