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"You are your own master; you make your own future."   - Dhammapada





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     Talent Hunt

          Talent Hunt’ is an elaborate individuality development workshop organized by East West Awakening and Indian Thoughts. It is oriented to a well evolved world of successful individuals. We believe that those ancient classic texts of India, which can be said to be the culmination of the wisdom of hundreds of knowers of ancient India and which details even the secrets of this universe will be a good ingredient to such a successful attempt. India is now the most ancient civilization still on move and it also is the only source of the most original thoughts on life and existence.
           The first known School of Medicine, Ayurveda, is Indian. In 5 th c. BC itself, Bhaskaracharya of India had calculated the time that planet earth requires for one orbiting to be 365.258756484 days. The value of ‘pi’, the significance of ‘zero’, the fundamentals of algebra and trigonometry…the Indian saints knew almost everything. Albert Einstein is said to have commented that if he would have had a chance to read the Indian Systems much before, he could have given the world a better idea of atoms and energy. ‘Yogasutra’ presented by Maharshi Patanjali, which explains the principles and philosophy of yoga exercises is perhaps the only one of its kind in the whole world. It is accepted all over the world as the basic law of health exercises.
            The eight schools of Indian thoughts, which are considered to be the summary of Indian Wisdom, permit you to follow a path of your own choice. Rather than running from religion to religion or thought schools to thought schools, we suggest you to ‘be where you are’. What we visualize is success culture in its purest form. Sahaja Marg is precisely 'Indian secrets to unlimited success'.
            Talent Hunt is unique in distinct ways. This two days extensive workshop logically presents the why of everything in common life. That portion on techniques to improve mind power and principles of learning itself is enough to change an enthusiast into a great scholar. There is a whole session on the scientific process of creation through thinking. It gives a clear cut idea on the process of positive thinking. Sessions on the principles of time and chance management, personality development, effective techniques to avoid bad habits - how hard it be, building up self-confidence, healing relationship issues, improving communication skills and growing into a charismatic leader also are included in the work shop. The workshop also discusses the secrets of drugless healing, elements of effective prayer, easy-to-follow meditation exercises, relaxation exercises and principles of evolution and spiritual purity. The fundamentals of yoga to the principles of sadhanas are also discussed. These are references to only a few of the topics elaborated in this course. To be precise, Sahaja Marg touches all aspects of practical life. The sessions are updated with the latest information available. Sahaja Marg workshop is a unique experience, which neither a student nor an entrepreneur can miss. Our target group, however, is people between the age group of 18-50. Along with the workshop we give training in an easy-to-do powerful yogic exercise too.
           The full course is fees-free. However, willing participants may donate a share of the spot expenses.Talent Hunt is organized and managed by East West Awakening.  For more details, kindly write to:

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Talent Hunt
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Maximum Seats Age Group Limitation Chief Organizer Contact
25 Registrants between 18 and 50 Mathew M Tharakkunnel - Pala 09495188610
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