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Understanding Scriptures

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The Six-Fold Resources

             The six-fold resources (shadka sampatthi) involving a well-disciplined and determined life are:

•1. Shamam: The mature mind that is clear, and rests in the understanding of the real and the unreal; has the necessary knowledge.

•2. Damam: Withdrawal from and restraint from inappropriate verbal and behavioral expressions; senses of perception and instruments of action are in check; there is good discipline and impulse control.

•3. Uparathi: Non-leaning of the ego on external objects; no anxiety, no pain; pain is observed like a witness rather than experienced even though experiencing cannot be avoided; the world is not avoided; the world is mere mental modifications; sanyasa or renunciation of the world takes place in that the ego is undone, ownership is gone (I-ness and my-ness are gone); giving up longing for things that are time-bound and not eternal; desire for liberation (moksha) itself is given up.

•4. Thitheeksha: Capacity to put up with unpleasant and adverse situations without complaining (vilapam) and anxiety (chintha); determination to suffer without bitterness and without causing suffering to others; uses suffering for one’s own purification.

•5. Sraddha: An intense interest in scriptures and teachers. A strong conviction equivalent to trust or faith that the scriptures (shastras) and the words of the master/teacher (guru) are true.

•6. Samadhanam: Peace coming from a balance of situations (santulavastha); secure peace comes from placing the mind in every way in Brahman who has to be the exclusive object of inquiry of the intellect (buddhi).

Really mumukshatwam (desire for liberation) is the desire to give up all bondages born of ignorance coming from the ego (aham) to the body by truly recognizing the nature of one. Subtle traces, perhaps, of the ego stays but the awareness of the ego goes.


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