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 Blooming Stars

Religious Harmony 2

            Religions are losing their credibility and importance day by day as they fail to perform and connect humans with God. Quite a few persons are leaving their traditional religious base, and are going to other religions, or are becoming agnostics as their spiritual needs are not met. Interestingly the fast growing religions are not marked by freedom, equality, and human rights, but seem to provide easy answers to humans’ anxiety and insecurity. They are more autocratic, authoritarian, structured, and give simple assurances with a new dogmatism while doing aggressive and invasive proselytizing.

            This trend is not a welcome sign for humanity as humanity needs to turn inward in discovering the kingdom of God within while rigorously engaging in search for truth and the glorious liberty of God’s children. The current change of religions or denominations may indicate that many persons utterly dissatisfied in their denominations are looking for new experiences before they can settle in what serves their needs or wants. May be they are looking for a more loving and caring community. There are others who keep their traditional religious base only for social belongingness to manage important life events such as marriage or funeral. Whatever the current situation, one thing is very clear to me that this is or should be a century of spirituality and religious harmony.

             The only way for religions to regain their credibility is by working for religious harmony and oneness of humanity. Oneness of humanity indicates that we are all in this one cosmic boat with one universal destiny, and we all need to work together in cooperation rather than in competition, strife, turmoil, and mutually assured destruction. We all need to oar together to reach our final destination – the God of all. Some things that religions can do to foster religious harmony:

• Unconditional respect for other religions whether one agrees with their tenets or not as long as they do not violate human rights. Any religion that violates human rights cannot connect a human to God who is the author of human rights. Respect for human rights is the basis for any spirituality. After examining various religions, one needs to choose one’s religion or path to holiness. When one is in doubt, one’s search needs to continue till one’s conscience is satisfied.

• Instilling a relentless search for truth and tolerance for ambiguities, uncertainties, and diversities.

• Cooperation in developing a solid value system, ethical and professional standards in daily living, businesses, and professions. Discouraging financial dealings with violators of human rights. Non-cooperation with persons who engage in corrupt practices unless they mend their lives.

• Developing an educational system that emphasizes formation of conscience and character, and prepares persons for moral, spiritual life, and ethical living at all times.

• Fostering leaders of honesty, integrity, and a clean public record for serving the common good of nations and the world irrespective of their religious and political affiliations. Developing a political I. Q. (Intelligence Quotient), a Service Quotient, and a Corruption Index for persons aspiring for public life and political career.

• Respect for life, nature, and eco-systems and ecology that encourages waste and pollution management, and fosters the wise use of earth’s scarce resources for all humans.


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