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 Blooming Stars

Programming, Deprogramming, and Reprogramming of the World-8

            The various models in their unique ways gave unmistakable guidance so the kingdom/reign of God within us can be manifested as we lived. They were divine manifestations and shared in divinity in varying degrees. We ourselves share in that very divinity in varying degrees. That all religions are the same or equal is not meant here as all religions contain varying degrees of freedom and healthy and unhealthy elements in them. We know religions have done good as well as harm in the past, and certain fundamentalist, self-righteous, and intolerant attitudes in religions are dividing humanity, pitting one against another, and even terrorizing and killing innocent human lives. A religious eclecticism or syncretism or a convenient picking and choosing based on utilitarianism is not what here is advocated. I do not see the need to proselytize or convert anyone to my way of thinking or believing. I am strongly guided by the teachings of Sadguru (true teacher) Jesus Christ, bodha (enlightenment),samabhavana (equanimity), and detachment of Buddha and nishkamakarmavritti (detachment from fruits or results of one’s actions) of Gita, and critical thinking and examining approach of Socrates.

            In our own age Gandhi’s experiments with truth and non-violence (ahimsa), especially in its practical application of satyagraha (soul/truth force) and non-violent conflict resolution in national and international affairs is of paramount importance. Persons who are close to me know that I am consistent in that a serious attempt is made to systematically put into practice what is preached. In the final analysis one has to be accountable for the consonance of one’s words and deeds. I now strongly feel that the religion one is born into can be a good, convenient system or framework or a place of solace very helpful in one’s formative years. But sooner or later one outlives rites, rituals, traditions, and even one’s religion itself if it comes in the way of being fully human and fully divine, and moves on to spirituality that can assimilate everything that is good in any religion, persuasion, tradition, and belief system, and that can find commonality with all other human beings.


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