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 Blooming Stars

Life to Live

             Even as I am writing this I do not like the news (August 4, 2011) that the international community is allowing

1. A dictator like Assad in Syria massacring over hundred persons agitating for freedom in Hama,

2. Innumerable deaths caused by unprecedented famine due to severe droughts and inhuman political system in Somalia.

            The cyber espionage and theft (internet hacking) that could severely affect global economies and human lives reportedly traced to China is also deplorable. Human rights violations anywhere affect all of us as inhabitants of this earth and emphasize the urgency of the new world we need to create. We are all programmed. We all live by the script given us and absorbed by our brain through the mechanism of introjections. We all act by the messages that shape us, and that have been consciously or unconsciously assimilated by us from our immediate molders (parents, religious leaders, teachers, peers, politicians, sports-persons and entertainment personalities).

            We have one life to live. It is our God-given duty to choose that life in freedom without any encumbrances or interference from any quarters. Love, empathy, and compassion will be the distinguishing characteristics of a fully formed person. Everything else flows from them. This person:

• Lives a spirit-led life; enters into inner self and listens to the dictates of a well-formed conscience, and acts accordingly; discerns God’s will on an on-going basis; makes serious decisions only after discernment, due reflection, and meditation.

• Has purity of intention, affective detachment or earthy, involved holy indifference.

• Is purpose-driven and goal-oriented and allows others what is allowed for self.

• Is altruistic; loves others as loves self; does conscientiously what is expected from others.

• Is free of biases and prejudices on the basis of gender, religion, race, caste, color, class, nationality, political affiliation, ideology.

• Is honest, self-transparent, authentic, and genuine; states what is on mind; practices what is preached; does not manipulate others for one’s own ends.

• Accepts human beings as they are wherever they are; reveres and respects them unconditionally.

• Is impartial and as objective as possible; is always on the side of truth.

• Enjoys inner freedom; is fearless; distinguishes clearly means and ends; follows own path guided by a deep bond with the Supreme Consciousness.

• Takes care of body, mind, and spirit through wholesome and healthy habits.

• Enjoys inner peace and harmony; keeps promises made; celebrates life.

• Considers the whole world to be one’s own family; will not intentionally harm or neglect anybody.

• Uses earth’s and own resources for self and others as a trustee of the Supreme Being; is mindful of ecological balance; does not exploit earth’s resources.

• Is democratic in outlook; seeks widest possible consensus in decision-making with regard to family and public matters.

• Examines and evaluates life, works on ever greater awareness, and reforms self.


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