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 Blooming Stars

Kingdom of God is within You

             We do not for sure know about our past life or for that matter about our after-life. We know only about this life. The rest comes from our faith or theological speculations. We need to focus on the unity of humanity, equality, respect, and freedom bereft of any abuse. This religion seems to coincide with the religion that Sri Narayana Guru speaks of: oru jati, oru matham, oru daivam manushyanu (one caste, one religion, one God for humans). Again, mathamethayalum manushyan nannayal mathi (whatever be one’s religion, it is enough for human to become good). The theology for the modern world needs to be pragmatic, and needs to come from lived experience. To be meaningful, it cannot be mainly about dogmatic formulations and abstract theological pronouncements. It cannot be merely doctrinal statements or disciplinary diktats.

            This theology can prepare humans to reach the sublime state of realized souls, described in Sankaracharya’s Nirvanashtakam, that go beyond any concept, and enjoy the status of chidanandaroopa (the mind bliss state). Christ speaks of the Kingdom of God within each one of us, a kingdom of truth and justice, a kingdom of peace and reconciliation of everything and everyone in a unique God-human union. Again these are human expressions about the incomprehensible. Let us focus on living right, doing right, taking things as they come, praying for grace to accept what we get when we do not get what we pray for. Everything, both good and bad, happens for a reason. We can mentally and spiritually grow if we are able to decode or decipher the message contained in everything that happens to us. It is also good to remind ourselves of the great insight imparted to us by the great Roman thinker, Epictetus: “It is not what happens to us that matters, but what we make of what happens to us that matters”. The powerful Serenity Prayer that says ”God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference” is also a powerful guide in our daily living.

            We are asked to be as perfect as our heavenly Father is perfect. We are God’s, and God is ours. God is love, and love is God; God is truth and truth is God. God is freedom, beauty, compassion, justice, and all other attributes. God loves us and wants everyone to become what he/she is capable of. God’s corrective - not punitive - justice brings us back to his ways. God does not want anyone to be lost. Even the one who rejects God sincerely will be saved. God gives humans unconditional freedom knowing the possibility of abuse of freedom. It is important to have an attitude of profound gratitude for the entire creation, nature and its wonders, this magnificent world and all its beauty, and all the blessings freely given. A heart-felt feeling that all is well, that there is a universal Providence looking after everyone and everything, that all are co-creators with God is ours to have. We need to constantly thank God for creating us as God’s children.


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