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 Blooming Stars

Healthy Spirituality

            I have been writing about spirituality beyond religions. Yet it is important to understand healthy religion. To me healthy religion is not anything different from healthy spirituality. I would like to use a simple metaphor. We have light coming from the sun. When this light passes through a prism, we get the beautiful seven rainbow colors: violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red, (VIBGYOR). Now I would like to think of sun-light as spirituality bursting through the prism of the universe into so many colors as religions. There are so many religions, denominations, and cults as so many combinations of colors, hues, and shades. Incidentally something that begins as a cult over a long period of time can acquire respectability and end up being a religion. Persons can seriously study various religions, and embrace the one that has the characteristics of the Kingdom of God: a kingdom where supreme values such as love, truth, freedom, justice, peace, equality, respect, acceptance, forgiveness, reconciliation, compassion, mercy, and tolerance reign.

            Our God is the One who lets the sun shine on the good as well as the bad, who lets the rain fall on the righteous as well as the wicked, and who lets the crops flourish side by side with the weeds. Let God alone be the judge of all persons and situations. We actualize our potentials to the best of our ability; we become what we are capable of becoming; and we do the best we can. Once we have done everything that we could, we leave everything to God not being attached to the fruits of our actions. We take from the earth and our universe only the resources that we need, mindful of ecology and the need of our fellow human beings. We become co-creators with God contributing our share and leaving to posterity a world better than the one we inherited. To me this is Sanatan Dharma (Forever Righteous Living).


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