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 Blooming Stars

Beyond Religion

            Family and religion are the two most important institutions in the life of a human being. Complimenting each other, they instill in the individual a purpose and a value system, and material and spiritual goals. They give safety and security by providing roots and wings: wings so persons can explore the unexplored territories and become who they need to be; roots so persons can return to their base if and when needed. Ideally, they facilitate all-round growth and development of the body, mind, and spirit. While the paramount importance of family and religion is stressed, we cannot overlook the need of individuals to establish their own families and to go beyond their religion to spirituality while searching for the one God that unites the entire humanity.

            In my own search for true spirituality and the ultimate meaning – the Logos or the Word or God - my two families, the family of my origin and the family of the Society of Jesus, played vital roles in being where I am now. Even though the two families, that I hold very dear to my heart, may differ with me, I am deeply convinced that I, as a prophet, represent the future and the hope of humanity that God in eternal wisdom and love provides for. I left my family of origin with strong roots at 17, and joined the second family with great wings. The Jesuits gave me strong and untiring wings to search and explore. After about 25 years I left the Jesuits (the second family) letting go of the comfort of their company and the security of a prestigious job. In the world, alone with a compassionate and loving God, and armed with my clear conscience and a strong value system, I was fortunate to experiment and explore unhindered by any earthly authority. While there were many intense sorrows and intense joys in my life, I do not regret any of my major decisions in my last 35 years. Leaving my native country, I surprisingly returned to it after many years. Many of my old tenets were happily replaced by new ones. My bold experiments cost me dearly emotionally and financially. But I am more contented, stronger, and happier for all that.

            In my search I learned that while religion is important and can be very helpful, its role is to bring all to the door of spirituality. Religion does not need to shut its followers up in a cage with rites, rituals, and devotions even though most persons feel secure and contented in that cage. Beware also of “God-men and God-women” because they will also prevent you from reaching the true God. I discovered certain vital truths that Christ taught. Be faithful to God and the Kingdom of God within you. God is worshiped in spirit and in truth everywhere. God is my father (Abba) and mother, and everyone in the world is my brother and sister. Jesus himself is my brother. Neither any dogma nor any doctrine/discipline can save us. Know the freeing truth that alone sets us free. Love is God, and love alone matters. Go beyond religion to worship the one God of all.


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