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 Blooming Stars

Signs of an Accomplished Person

            For some months I have been spending Wednesdays in silence and recollection. This Wednesday reflection on the signs of an accomplished person presented itself spontaneously to me. Christ in the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew, Chapters 5-7; Luke, 6: 20-49) and in his mission (Luke, 4: 18-19) proclaimed the sum and substance of the Holy Scriptures and the teachings of the prophets; he very clearly set forth what is expected of all in the Kingdom of God. Love for all including one’s enemy’s stands out. Sri Krishna exposes the signs of the Kingdom of God in Bhagavad Gita. In the second chapter in reply to Arjun, he specifically discourses the signs of a person in steadfast wisdom. In my beginning years with the Jesuits, I grew up with the definition of a gentleman by Cardinal Newman as someone who would not intentionally hurt others.

            Meditating on the signs of an accomplished person, this is what I could come up with. An accomplished person has come to terms with his/her own self. He/she is contented with what is going on in and around self. When things go well one is grateful; when things are apparently not going in favor, one is not too upset. Mind, spirit, and body work in harmony among them, and function as one whole organism in unison with the environment. This person has a clear purpose that comes out of a definite mission. One is altruistic; lives entirely for others as for oneself. One takes good care of physical, mental, and spiritual health. One works with the creation to enhance it as it evolves. In early years this person will be primarily devoted to immediate family, relatives, and close friends. As one advances in age one moves to a universal vision that concerns with the welfare and plight of the entire humanity, especially the down-trodden and the un-wanted. One befriends the earth as a holy place, and is ever in awe of the beauty and splendor of the universe.

            An accomplished person respects all and their rights; considers success as a common enterprise tied to everyone’s destiny. This person breaks out of layers of programming through ever-deepening awareness, and keeps only those elements in the conditioning that is helpful and necessary for negotiating physical, mental, and spiritual aspect of life. One sheds out the extra baggage that delays and hinders one’s progress. It is all about awareness and careful choices to reach the desired destination. It is about being who one needs to be consciously and celebrating life.


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