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 Blooming Stars

Truth and Integrity

            Truth and integrity are tossed into the ocean of corruption, avarice, revenge and false accusations on a daily basis. Reports of violence and crimes abound in the media fortunately, most racist, casteist, colonial, imperial, and autocratic structures that have maintained a so-called well-behaved life and world order by brutal external force have physically crumbled. But these structures of discrimination and prejudice are still well-entrenched by and large in the hearts and minds of persons. Physical structures that need to usher in a new order, and that respect human rights are enshrined in beautiful volumes of legislated laws but have not been enforced, say, in India. Religions that at one time used to be custodians of moral integrity and values are losing their credibility and moral bite. This is a transitional stage where struggles are being waged among anarchy, vested, regional, and group interests for domination. As long as a broad spectrum of values, rights and interests of an all-inclusive humanity is not secured and safe-guarded, our moral and spiritual progress will be at great risk. Therefore a new sense of urgency and higher level of consciousness and awareness are of paramount importance. This can come only from a fine conscience formed on the basis of spirituality beyond religions and a universal truth energy that respects everyone’s rights.

            I have experienced prejudices and discriminations in my many years of life and work in the “land of the free and the brave” (USA). I returned to India a few years ago to continue my ministry of unity of humanity and amity among religions with a new vigor in my setting stage of life. I did not anymore have to look for my livelihood as I provided for my simple requirements. So I plunged whole-heartedly into my ministry saying to myself: “I have nothing to lose, everything to gain.”

            But ever since I arrived, I have been swimming upstream against raging currents. The powerful, sinister forces in a parish church in the locality I live viciously attacked and defamed me and my wife and damaged my property, and that too led by a misguided parish priest, for up-holding the values that East West Awakening stands for. My relatives mostly abandoned me for not catering to their financial wants as I used to do in the past when I was working in the United States. Politicians and their parties and unions do not care as I do not make financial contributions or as I do not go along with their plans. I buy lumbers even as trees are rotting in my property as I do not give bribes to respective officers. My trust has been severely betrayed by some relatives and a close friend causing huge financial loss. I did not have much luck with the law enforcement department. I am pleading my own case filed against me by the one who betrayed my trust on account of his own insatiable greed. A magazine called Osanna clamoring for reform has an article on me without mentioning my name and depicting me as a fraud and a time-tomb. That means the so-called reformers also can be corrupt!

            Even as I am writing this, we are facing a vicious false accusation against a trusted Ashram member from a former employee. My older brother living a quiet life warned me: “What you are telling is true and right, but you are not going to go anywhere if you do not toe the line of those who are in authority and have power even though they are corrupt or blind. I, for instance, go for regular religious worship, not because of those leaders but because of my convictions in my heart. I do not have the energy to fight the corrupt religious or political system. I can only wish you good luck”. I suffered from much discrimination, prejudices, violations of rights, and a false law-suit in the United States. I am suffering from denigrations and violations of rights and a false law-suit in my country of birth (India). Yet these are the only two countries I wish to live, the oldest and the biggest democracies. Both have their strengths and drawbacks. In spite of adversities I am not a quitter as I am spiritually in a vigorous condition. I am just one person in this vast universe doing what I can. I know in my heart that ultimately Truth and Integrity will triumph. Life of truth is worth living no matter what.


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