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 Blooming Stars

Towards a World Government

            We need a healthy mix of work and play; moderation in everything is extremely important; we need to find time to take care of our body, mind and spirit through nutritional eating, physical exercise, relaxation and fun, keeping up with scientific advances, world events, and meditation. Through our work we need to generate the wealth and resources necessary for a comfortable life. As trustees of this beautiful earth it is not right to waste any resource or hoard wealth above and beyond what we reasonably need for our lifetime.

            Rich persons need to be held in high esteem and admiration only if they as good stewards spend their wealth for the well-being of the maximum number of human-beings. No responsible and well-balanced society can allow some members to acquire unlimited material wealth while others live in dire poverty. Earth's land and resources are limited; there needs to be a reasonable limit on the wealth an individual or family can acquire. There is a great imbalance among nations and peoples due to land mass and resources acquired especially through colonization, occupation or conquest. It is not right that nations with vast populations are cramped in relatively small and congested areas while nations with small populations can enjoy exceedingly large territories. Outside of towns every individual or family should have access to at least a small house and a small piece of land as a garden to grow some food/ vegetables.

            A special department of the United Nations needs to study population density in the world and develop standards for migration of people to achieve optimum balance. By the way the world population is increasing at the present exponential rate, the whole earth may need to be a global park where all can live, work, play, enjoy without owning. A culture that fosters any sign of greed, possession, and possessiveness needs to be eradicated. We need to work toward a world where all are wanted, loved and cared for, and can move without a passport or visa. Graduating into being a citizen of the Kingdom of God will be mighty difficult indeed without graduating into being a citizen of this world. National boundaries, walls, and fences have only contributed to our worst fears, paranoia, and sleeplessness. Currently humanity stands stunned and regressed. All the domination, bullying, injustice, and humiliation creates only fertile soil for terrorism and destructive activities It is high time to think of a World Government comprising of all the nations in the world as member states. While we may provide for our children so that they can have a good start in life, we also have a social responsibility to share our resources with our less fortunate brothers and sisters who share our earth. We play our part in creation living our life to the full even as we co-create.


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