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Symptoms of a Culture of Lie

             Once we come to the realization that our current culture of lie leads to spiritual death, we can do something about it. A disease can be treated only after a correct diagnosis. Children living in the midst of some of the biggest slums in the world in Mumbai, and playing and having fun in the worst foul-smelling garbage are not aware of the rotting stench and foul odor. They get desensitized and get accustomed to that environment. Even though we live surrounded by air, most of the time we are not aware of the medium that we live in. In effect, we may not be aware of the toxic culture that we live in. Signs and symptoms in our society that go into the making of a Syndrome of a Culture of Lie are:

• Persons often do not keep their word.

• Persons including even relatives and close friends betray trust in small and big things.

• Persons pass the buck and do not take responsibility for their wrongs or mistakes.

• Persons find convenient scapegoats for their misdeeds.

• Big or small lies, “white” lies are said to deceive, escape, evade, and avoid unpleasant situations or consequences.

• Persons have recourse to opportunistic statements and behaviors.

• Favors are bought.

• Valuable gifts are given or showered to “buy” others or their silence.

• Persons in government or responsible positions compromise their integrity by freely or routinely accepting gifts or bribes to do things that they are hired and paid to do with fairness and without favoritism.

• Corruption and discriminations are rampant.

• The rich and the powerful influence the political life and the legal system.

• Great values and principles are proclaimed but not practiced.

• There is scant regard for human rights.

• Threats and intimidations are used to curtail or suppress freedom of expression or behavior.

• Persons keep others from truth that they have a right to.

• Persons pretend to be someone other than who they really are.

• There is great show and pomp outside, but no substance within.

• Persons minimize, exaggerate, enhance, or distort facts to present and justify their position and conduct.

            In a culture of lie there is no passion for truth, there is very little search for truth, and truth becomes the first casualty.


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