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 Blooming Stars

Status of the World –13

            Conclusion (Continued):The world I like to live in is a world where the law of love, the greatest good, is supreme. The only thing that really matters is one’s capacity to love. In this connection it is good to remind ourselves what St. Augustine considered to be the pillar of western civilization said: Ama et fac quod vis (Love and do what you wish). The main characteristic that distinguishes the New from the Old Testament of the Bible is love. Jesus Christ explicitly stated that he came into this world to give a new commandment of love. While selfishness and ego-centrism drain our energy and lead us into an endless barren desert of death, love and altruism take us to the spring time of life and re-generation. The highest form of morality comes from a meticulously formed conscience guided by universal ethics and a sense of being a part of the totality of life emanating from a cosmic perspective. Here spirit rather than the letter of the law alone matters. While erring is human, forbearance, acceptance of one’s mistakes, repentance, forgiveness, and reconciliation catapult humans into the most sublime realm of the spirit.

            The main thrust of education will be a grand preparation for life. Skills necessary for living in harmony with oneself, others, one’s environment and the universe will be highly valued. Formation of conscience necessary for a citizen of the world will be stressed. Instilling of knowledge aimed at fostering necessary virtues and a rigorous search for truth make humans wise. Training will be given in human relations that require tolerance of diversity, meaningful and non-violent conflict resolution, respectful disagreements, genuine communication, and cooperation rather than competition and domination. A spirit-directed education that helps develop one’s body, mind, emotions, and spirit to the fullest extent paves the way for a purpose-driven life. Nutritional eating and wholesome thinking are necessary for physical and mental health. A faith that is grounded in a passionate yet detached spending of oneself in love, giving, at the same time, meaning to one’s life experiences in the context of a shared destiny with others is of paramount importance.

            This faith that devotes itself to overcoming division, oppression, and brutality could also be outside organized religions as it gives little importance to dogmas and rituals. The education that I envisage will take into account the needs of the community/nation one lives in. Jobs and the training for them are dictated by the needs of the community and not by their glamor or prestige or by the salary they command. It will inculcate a minimum of manual labor in terms of gardening/farming, preparation of food, and cleaning. The use of organic, safe fertilizers and pesticides in growing food as well as non-toxic preservatives to make food last longer demands our immediate attention. Scarce natural resources need to be used wisely. Disposal of waste produced in ever-increasing quantity by the consumer society concerned solely about the margin of profit needs a creative solution. Unscrupulous and unplanned exploitation of natural resources puts very brittle ecological balance and future generations in peril.


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