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 Blooming Stars


            A truly spiritual person is seen through and through. There is no pretense or deceit. There is nothing to hide. There is no room for manipulation or duplicity. There is no misunderstanding. There is no need for guess-work. One’s intention is clear. You get what you see. People know you for who really are. You are your own person. One is not living a life of lie or pretense. There is no area in one’s life where light has not shined. While one is discrete in disclosing, at least one or two persons know all about one’s life. For instance, it is very important for one’s spouse to know all about one’s life. In my 35 years of clinical practice there were instances when spouses in marital therapy disclosed to me their infidelities while their partners were hidden from them. Trust, intimacy, and friendship are greatly facilitated by self-disclosure. Self-transparence contributes greatly to any relationship.

            A self-transparent person is not concerned about guilt or shame. Guilt relates to what we think of ourselves. Shame relates to what others think of ourselves. If I do not have anything to hide, I do not need to be ashamed of myself. And if one has done something one should feel guilty and/or ashamed of one should have the courage and grace to admit it and make necessary reparation if needed. Actual ego and the real ego are the same in a self-transparent person.


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