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 Blooming Stars

Raja yogic Meditation for Relationships – 2

            This raja-yogic pranayamic (rajayoga = royal union; pranayama = extension of breath or life force) meditation fosters union or relationships among individual beings. The meditation having a horizontal dimension has also the four stages of


2. Purification,

3. Surrendering

4. Union.

            Holy Scriptures very strongly warn that it is impossible to love God who is invisible without loving humans who are visible in our day to day life. Service of God is done only through service of humanity. We need to love even those we dislike, even our enemies.The first two stages of relaxation and purification during rhythmic breathing are the same as in the meditation for developing union between oneself and the Supreme Being. In the third stage the surrendering is to the divine aspect in every person. This surrendering to the divine in each person facilitates the unity of humanity, marks our human solidarity, and highlights our common destiny, no matter how different we are.

            Stage 4: Union While on-going breathing in and out in the context of relaxation, purification, and surrendering we can visualize vividly all the persons in the world with whom we have relationship problems slowly and one at a time. These persons are our relationship targets. Then we need to make in our imagination packages of our subtle psycho-spiritual-social energies, and direct these energy packages to the targets. Experience these packages moving in terms of powerful vibrations of peace and love. While some are ready and disposed to receive our vibrations, others are not. From those who are not yet ready to receive the vibrations of peace and love we sent, our vibrations will return to us. We do not like it. But we are not in this universe to react out of our frustrations but to respond out of our endless love. We do not allow to be conditioned by them. So we keep on sending our vibrations regardless. We is not in this universe for the results we want. We are here to surrender to the Divine who alone knows what is best for all.

            Those who are ready for the encounter will receive our vibrations whole-heartedly. We see our vibrations enveloping and embracing them. Our vibrations in turn generate reciprocal vibrations in them so that they can surrender to all that is best - the divine – in us. Here our vibrations are in phase with theirs. We experience communion, communication, and transformation taking place in the selfless, non-exploitative surrendering and merging with each one’s pure and egoless being. Here there is no settling of scores, no justifications, no pompousness, and no claims. Here there are only two sparks of divine consciousness that engage each other in gratitude, compassion, and love to make this world a better place for all.

            With those we want to develop a relationship with, we bombard them with our vibrations of peace and love. When they are ready, they will respond. Meanwhile letus be aware that only unconditional acceptance and selfless and compassionate love for all can generate effortless and non-ending bliss and pure joy.

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