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 Blooming Stars

Purity of Intention

            Love others including your enemies as you love yourself. You do not have to like them to love them. Loving is a commitment you make; it relates to your will (mental power). Liking relates to your affect (emotions); it will be very difficult to like someone who mistreated or violated you. Love yourself and accept yourself. If you do not love yourself and accept yourself you are in effect saying you are unlovable and unworthy of acceptance by others. Why do you want someone to love and accept you when you yourself have not done that? Loving and accepting others is the least that you can do if you want to be loved and accepted. This way makes life easy for you.

            Purity of intention determines the quality of your actions; the purer your intention the better your deed. Do not try to make impressions on others. They do not last. The impressions you make may get you some temporary gain/ appreciation/job. Do not mortgage your soul. Persons who matter to you and want to know you will eventually know you for who you really are.

            Forgive yourself when you make a mistake; learn from it; forgive others freely and unconditionally even when they do not ask for forgiveness; forgive also the unforgivable events/hurts/crimes. Unburden yourself of unforgiving and heavy unpleasant matters or persons you have stored in your brain through forgiveness and letting go. Your mind is not a garbage can filled with refuse: revengeful feelings and retaliatory thoughts, score card of hurts inflicted by others, and unforgiving, putrid materials. Travel through life light. Doing good helps all including you; choosing evil is self-destructive and destructive of others.

            Take responsibility for your actions. Your actions show your true self. Good deeds, not good words or intentions that count. Many failures and lost opportunities are accounted for by good intentions not carried out in practice.

            Change things and situations that you can change; accept those things that you cannot change. Come to terms with your own reality. Plan to live within your means.

            A healthy detachment/an affective neutrality/involved indifference is very helpful. Doing the very best without being unduly attached to the fruits of one’s actions (nishkamakarmavritti) will avoid many sleepless nights. Everything finally works out in the long run. Over a long period of time what was once thought undesirable at the time may turn out to be a great blessing. Be always guided by your conscience, your supreme authority, and a value system comprising your principles, philosophy of life, and world-view. No matter what, you will be ultimately judged by your good and sincere conscience even though guided by faulty knowledge (ignorance) at the time. Your conscience guiding your thoughts, words, and deeds, however ignorant, will be scrutinized and evaluated by the underlying motives and intentions of the time when you exercised it. Do not judge a past action with the present knowledge and insight.


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