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 Blooming Stars

Programming, Deprogramming and Reprogramming of the World -13

            We need to keep in mind that at the moment we are conceived in our mother’s womb, we are determined, we are localized, and we begin to assume temporary identities. The undifferentiated becomes the differentiated. The hard programming is already taking place. I am born into this gender, caste, race, class, clan, family, religion, state, and nation. Then I belong to this profession, organization, party, and so on. I am subjected to so many arbitrary determinations. I get so many temporary identities. Losing our global status, we gain so many identities and acquire so many loyalties, again as part of our programming; we are divided and separated, and also we separate ourselves from others. Thus we are splintered, fragmented, and scattered, and lose our true identity of being global citizens; we lose our purpose, and our real goal of being inhabitants of this earth and members of this one humanity working for creating the Kingdom of God on earth for which we are put here in the first place to begin with.

            But we always need to be aware that we come from the cosmos and we return to the cosmos and our temporary pilgrimage – our life on earth – does not need to distract us from who we really are: children of the cosmos. When we lose the consciousness of our global status, we lose the big picture, get mired in parochialism, and we get immersed and engrossed in the narrow, limited, and immediate goals of acquiring wealth, power, prestige, status. Everything and everyone becomes commodities including us. We are for and on sale. People can put a price on us. They can bid us for the jobs to be done, sports to be played, lines to be toed, and the parts to be performed. We lose our sovereign status as subjects and become objects. We have mortgaged our souls. The programming is complete. We lock ourselves in a steel case of illusion (maya) and throw away the key.

            To break out of this programming or maya, India’s Sanatana Dharma has a powerful message that is truly an answer for humanity’s groping in the darkness. To break out of the different layers and levels of differentiations, determinations, and programming that are nothing else but the phenomena – appearances (maya) – and to move into the noumenon (the true reality) – the intelligible ground of phenomenon - the sages and seers looked inward into their own self. Their answer was the jeevatma (the individual self) as the spark of the divine consciousness, the paramatma (the Supreme Self). Sankaracharya’s ekamevam advithiyam (one without a second) sums it all. The different layers of illusory self need to be peeled off before the true self can be reached. In other words, a thorough deprogramming needs to take place.


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