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 Blooming Stars

Programming, Deprogramming and Reprogramming of the World – 6

            I am continuing with the process of my own deprogramming as part of the deprogramming of the world that needs to take place. I thought it was cool to smoke Havana cigars and smoke tobacco in pipes of different styles. I guess I was trying to create an image and make certain statement about myself and my unique style in presenting myself to the world. Certainly I was influenced by the existing images, current fashion. I came to the realization it was stupid of me to smoke tobacco and put poison into my body. It also did not go well with the treatment of smoking cessation in our clinics that I was advocating. I also decided that I was not going to wear a tie with my suit as it made me feel physically choking and uncomfortable. Besides I did not know why someone would tie something, however fanciful, around one’s neck. I wonder if it is a remnant of some kind of subjugation in the primitive days. I have not seen a Pope, cardinals, or king with any kind of a tie. As an admirer of Gandhi and his simple lifestyle I got rid of my habit of drinking tea and coffee. I do not think tea or coffee has any special nutritional value other than it serves as a stimulant or pastime or convenient way of social interaction.

            I started abstaining from the use of alcohol. I acknowledge the very limited nutritional value of beer and wine in strict, well-disciplined use. I consider the use of alcohol in Kerala, the most literate state in India, where I live about 9 months of the year, to be an anti-sign as most of the persons there do not seem to know how to consume alcohol. I gradually started reducing my meat and fish intake until I decided to become a vegetarian. In this context it is good to remember my half-hearted promise to Vinoba Bhave, the spiritual heir to Gandhi, in Paunar Ashram in 1979. He suggested that I give up beef. I told him I would try to do that. I also realized that it is very important to eat right as food is the first line of medicine.

            In that regard I subordinated taste to nutritional needs and what the body needs to stay in good physical health. After all, when a physician prescribes medication, the patient is not concerned about the taste of the medicine. It is also very important to maintain a steady weight. A steady weight will help one to wear one’s clothes until they wear out. Also bodily skin develops fewer wrinkles as one age. As one listens to the messages one’s body gives, one takes preventive measures that can eliminate expensive hospital or doctor visits. And I must say that I have stayed away all my life from medications and all sicknesses except one that resulted from my own ignorant life style, and that was corrected before further damage. I have also maintained my weight since I took it to get a passport 37 years ago. Moreover, I buy things solely on the basis of my needs, not on the basis of fashion or advertisements or what others suggest. I created my own style with regard to my apparel.

            In other words, I design my own dress and create my own fashion, so to speak, that fits in with who I am. I do not need to be led by the tastes of designers, actors, actresses, and sports personalities who do not share my value system and most of whom because of their lack of training in spirit-life are plunging this world into darkness and chaos. The sad reality is that an overwhelming majority of people in the world chases after these so-called celebrities and vain personalities, try to imitate them, and live their purposeless lives vicariously. I choose to imitate nobody as I know I would be compromising with my own self and inner being.


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