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 Blooming Stars

Obsessions and Preoccupations

            The world we are living in is a scary place, increasingly hostile and terror-stricken. In the small state of Kerala, India, where I spend about 9 months in a year, many of the male youth and the young adults (ages between 20 and 55) find ways to have or get easy money, and are having recourse to alcohol to deal with their stress, frustration, and depression. Once they begin drinking or using drugs their personality begins to change, many of them become very aggressive, impulsive, and destructive, and terrorize and brutalize people. When they are caught and made accountable for their inhuman behavior, they become superficially and opportunistically repentant to avoid punitive and legal consequences.

            Interestingly the same kind of situations with youth and young adults obtains also in the USA where I live part of the year. That goes to show human beings all over the world are the same. The fact that increasing number of humans in the world are using drugs and alcohol (substances) to get a euphoric mood or kick indicates that we are gradually losing our ability to generate happiness from within, and that we are becoming emotionally and spiritually poorer while becoming materially affluent. Looking at it another way, we have not made in the realm of the spirit the kind of scientific and technological advances in the sphere of the matter.

            The on-going obsession and preoccupation in the daily printed (news papers, weeklies) and audio-visual (television, internet) media with which actors and actresses have better physical endowments (vital statistics), who is sexually hot, who is in, and who is out is truly appalling. Cosmetic surgery to alter bodily features (for example, breast augmentation or reduction for females) and injection of substances such as collagen, silicone, and botox to enhance looks and to change contours of the body are becoming increasingly popular. Exploitation especially of female bodies for sexy, seductive, poses and looks in commercials and advertisements to sell all kinds of goods is mind-boggling. Sophisticated, often very subtle, at times even gross genital stimulation and attraction seem to be the all-engrossing and over-riding passion or concern for many people.

            I have come to this conclusion because news publishers cater to people’s taste, and sexually titillating stuff helps them to stay in business. Even children at a young age are very concerned about their appearances, and have started using things like nail-polish and lip-stick. I know women who pluck their eyebrows and create thin artificial lines of their choice as eyebrows. Everybody knows or can have a vivid imagination of male and female anatomy. Exploitation of sex to sell goods is working otherwise such enormous amount of money will not be spent in advertisements and commercials. A society based on supply and demand caters to wants rather than needs, and thrives on insatiable consumption. The medical and legal professions are going in directions that do not give hope for humanity. Drug and alcohol abuse and dependence lead persons into bottomless pits.


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