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 Blooming Stars

New Year (2014) Message

            Who am I to give a New Year message? I do not have a regular constituency or platform. Nonetheless, a few persons who are devoted to me want to hear my message. So here it is. I looked at my last year’s three goals:

1. Bhoomi Putran (son of the earth). I am deeply engaged with the earth ecologically, theologically and spiritually, and psychologically. A life that is not centered on this earth is worse than useless. Practically, I do over two hours of hard labor planting trees, vegetables and fruits, and beautifying earth. I am succeeding in this goal.

2. Shantisheelan (one who is habitually peaceful). I am a peaceful man, but since I have a habitually strong and loud voice when I talk about things that I am passionate about, persons close to me think I am an angry man. Will I succeed in modulating my voice so I look like a peaceful man? I do not know. I will keep on trying.

3. Mahabrantan (the great mad man). Some of my near and dear ones think I am a mad man because of what I do or say:

      (a)I do not go along many of the conventional ways of the world that would bring me the needed approval for a person of high qualification and a great job I left.

      (b) I swim against the currents by speaking what is on my mind appropriately but knowing that the listener/s may not like what I say.

            The first two goals are what I want to work on and keep on perfecting. The last goal is what people think of me since I do not conform to the ways of the world. I live in this world. But I am not of this world. To cite one little example: In the beautiful and curvaceous mountains of Munnar that I am fortunate to live in, the surrounding churches and temples blast their prayers and music and greatly disturb my peace, ears, and surroundings with high decibel blasts. They go to churches and temples to pray. Do they need to impose their prayers and music, however good and meaningful for them, on me who want a peaceful atmosphere, and who is very content to live in the vast, mind-blowing cathedral of God-given nature, and who above all want to enjoy the harmonious music of the spheres as the great philosopher, Aristotle, once indicated. What happens to tolerance wherein one group of persons imposes their religious preferences and predilections on others? Is it not microphone invented for people who are attending a function to hear what is going on in that function?

            To change the topic, an admirer of mine (yes, I have a few) who wants to know what the spiritual dimension of success. I told him that it all depends on what one is looking for from life. If a person is looking for fame and glory in this world, then success might be material wealth, status in the world, and a vast recognition and approval by others. By that standard, Christ was considered to be a failure on the day of his death by his own disciples. According to them he utterly failed to establish the earthly kingdom of Israel. Gandhiji, still reeling in the throes of sadness and despair resulting from the partition of India, and the brutal violence and deaths of countless Indians after independence, was engaged in reconciling Nehru and Patel just before he was assassinated as he was reaching his prayer ground. Narayana Guru is reported to have died a sad man. So judging by worldly standards these three great spiritual leaders of the word were failures. That tells us that we need to seriously look at the criteria whereby we evaluate and measure success.

            What about my New Year message that I began with? Find your purpose, your goal and aim in life, your aspiration and destination. Find what it takes to attain your purpose. Motivate yourself to attain it. See what gives you lasting satisfaction and fulfillment, what gives you peace. Choose some guidelines or guide-posts for this year from the great array of spiritual guides. Or better, find your own directions from your own inner self and from your vast store of knowledge and experience. Be your own person. Find and live your own bliss.


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