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 Blooming Stars

Mindfulness as Conscious Presence to the Unity of Humanity

            I strongly feel the whole creation is groaning for the unity of humanity. The creation is inviting us to come together and celebrate life. Life has plenty to offer. We are not sufficiently tapping the emotional and spiritual energy. We are stuck at the physical energy level. We are titillated by sex, power, and money that can buy power, attract and subdue the so-called most beautiful women or handsome men. We display titles, medals, degrees: these are our toys. We are mesmerized by appearances; we rarely penetrate the phenomenon (appearances) to reach the noumenon (reality) underlying it. The world with all its charm and pizzazz does not mind in seducing us. We are constantly told about celebrities and beauty queens, what they do, where they live, what they eat, what they wear, whom they date, and how much of their body and what part they bare.             Again when we are talking about a beautiful woman we are not generally talking about her character but her external form and vital statistics. We live their life vicariously and foolishly. This is truly a pathetic situation. We fall for all that. We become suckers again and again. They make money off of our poor self-esteem and lack of purpose and spirit-life. Where they are they cannot have any answers for our life except a momentary fix of empty excitement When it is too late, and when people are too old, they realize their follies. Many fail to reach the final stage of ego integrity described by Erik Erikson in his psycho-social stages of development. The distractions are so many and so great that we are losing sense of who we are, what we are about, and why we are in this world. This disastrous and horrible situation needs to go.

            We need to re-assert authority on our own life. We do not need any authority to tell us how to live our life. In fact nobody can tell us as all are in unchartered territory. We need to seek guidance when we are stuck or need it. We need to live a moral and ethical life. We need to follow societal rules, regulations, and guidelines for common good that do not conflict with morality. For the rest, we need to charter the course for our own life. A deep respect and awe for the universe is indispensable. The universe is full of everyday miracles. The bat-size, colorful butterfly that came into my ashram, the kingfisher diving into the stream to lift a fish, the graceful blackbird that wade under water up and down the stream, the humming birds and the honey-suckers (kuruvi) that flit from flower to flower, the beautiful sunsets, the sun breaking through the clouds in myriads of hues, the magnificent calls of birds, the unending varieties of flowers, the cascading mountain streams and breath-taking waterfalls – these are but a few scenes around our ashrams. True, not all can enjoy these miracles because many are preoccupied with stilling the pangs of hunger. It is incumbent on us all to facilitate the enjoyment of these miracles for all. All have the God-given right to enjoy these every-day miracles so they do not get into destructive distractions.

            Mindfulness as constant mental presence or awareness is necessary for a high quality of life. And this mindfulness as conscious presence only can grasp the unity of humanity. The unity of humanity is an integral part of the unity of creation. Awareness of the unity of creation instills deep reverence and respect for the entire universe. A spirit-led person is deeply aware of the unity of creation. Mysticism in my mind begins with awe and reverence for the marvelous universe and the power or the creator who made it possible. God smiles through the flower that blooms. An innocent smile of a child points us to God. The vast creation is God’s paradise, garden, and playground made for us.


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