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 Blooming Stars


            Humanity is constantly evolving. It has come a long way from where it was to where it is now. It has gone through the evils of slavery, colonialism, monarchy, dictatorships, authoritarian and hierarchical structures. It has gone through a long traumatic period of racism, apartheid system, caste discriminations, sexism, wars, holocaust, ethnic cleansing. It has suffered from many evils. It still suffers from many evils. Because persons are not conscious of who they really are, i.e., sovereign beings with inalienable rights, they still tolerate or put up with, for instance, monarchy, infallibility, inhuman customs such as genital mutilations and inhuman religious practices that violate human rights. Death penalty or bodily mutilations for crimes need to go. Abortion for family planning or unplanned pregnancy, cosmetic surgery for youthful looks reduction or enhancement of busts or breasts has no place in a holistic world-view. Looking at these and many other matters of lesser importance not mentioned here, humanity has still a very long way to go from where it is to where it is destined to be.

            Humans are created equal and unique, and as such no one is subject to anyone. Yet we subject ourselves voluntarily to one another for a reason or for a period in the prevailing circumstances. No one grudges if one subjects oneself to another, for instance, in surgery or in a job situation. These functional subjections voluntarily made do not alter the sovereign nature of a person. These are limitations due to an imperfect world or the present dispensation we live in. Yet it must be categorically said that this world with all its draw-backs is infinitely better than it ever has been in the past. Persons or nations cannot any more contemplate or perpetrate evil and criminal acts with impunity and without consequences as in the near past. That the world is better than it ever has been is mentioned here to counter the arguments of fundamentalist and fanatic religious persons who see rapture around due to what they call signs of the last days of the world on account of moral depravity. Moral depravity of the past cannot be compared to that in the present. Current evils often begotten from unjust and inhuman policies of the past are still continuing. There is an evil reaction in the present to an evil action in the past. Leveling-up means all persons are on the same level as human beings. No one is above or below. That way we do not need to put anybody down or up. Either we bow to all or we bow to none. That does not mean that we do not either appreciate and acknowledge the good points and accomplishments of good persons or condemn the crimes of bad people.

            History is a great leveler. We have bad and good people from all strata of society. I am going to cite a few examples from history. Alexander VI, “the most notorious pope in all of history was marked by nepotism, greed, and unbridled sensuality”. He “lived an openly promiscuous life, fathering several children”. Henry VIII, the English king who established the Anglican Church and became its Supreme Head after splitting from Rome for not getting his much-sought divorce, executed four of his six wives, slept also with the mother of one of his wives, and worst of all, executed (St.) Thomas More, perhaps the most moral person in the English realm then, for following his conscience. Emperor Aurangzeb, imprisoned his father, Shah Jahan (who himself killed his two brothers to become emperor) and ordered his brother, DaraShikoh, the designated emperor and the favorite son of Shah Jahan, executed. Aurangzeb got his brother’s head brought on a dish; he threw Dara’s head on the ground and gave three thrusts in the face with his sword mocking him. He then ordered the head to be delivered to Shah Jahan while seated at table for dinner in his prison.

            In recent history we have Adolf Hitler, one of the worst criminals, who killed about 6 million Jews and a host of others for his insane ideology. Why look into history? Let us come to the current situation. The article - IPL parties: the inside story - in Hindustan Times of May 14, 2010, speaks of “free endless cigarettes, flowing booze, occasionally drugs, and always women, willing and uninhibited women everywhere. The boys lapped it up, and would party right through.” These cricket players are the idols of today’s youth. On the other hand we have shining examples of Socrates, Buddha, Christ, a carpenter’s son, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and countless others. What does all this say? Human nature is the same everywhere. We are all one. Our choices make us who we are: not power, not wealth. Fighting against vicious racism and discrimination, Martin Luther King stated that it is not the color of our skin but the content of our character that determines who we are. We have every reason to level up with everyone in the world.


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