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 Blooming Stars

Forgiving Hurts

             Hurts, injustice, discrimination, and unfair treatment, whether real or perceived, objective or subjective, are inevitable. They have been all through human history; they will be there as long as human beings exist. It does not matter whether they are real or perceived. Our perception is our reality. The illusory perception of a piece of rope as a snake at night can create the same effect as the perception of a real snake. We can make our perception as accurate as possible.

            Mentally healthy persons have comparatively more accurate perceptions. The more mentally healthy you are, the more accurate your perception is going to be. Most likely all persons in the world have experienced some form of hurt, injustice, discrimination, misunderstanding, and unfair treatment. The way we deal with these situations will determine who we are and how spiritually and emotionally mature we are or become. Certainly the French soccer coach in the World Cup soccer tournament that is going on was very hurt. But would we approve his behavior of not shaking hands with his opponent South African coach? Did the French soccer team have to leave South Africa, the venue of the World Cup tournament, prematurely and in disgrace? What about the French player who uttered unspeakable profanities against his coach? And the player who apparently intentionally fell down in court during play feigning to have been hit by an opponent to get unfair advantage against the French team?

            What happened to sportsmanship all over the world? Questions galore. Answers have to come from who we are and what we are about. Are we any different from players who are closely watched and scrutinized by the entire world? I do not think so. The bad aspects of these players and coaches are within us; so are their good aspects. The relevant question is: Are we taming the bad elements to keeping them in check while letting the good elements to advance our humanity – the entire humanity? The unwillingness to forgive the slights, humiliations, hurts, injustice have immensely contributed to the pain, misery, and depression of the whole world. We waste a lot of pain by not accepting it as an inevitable part of life, and not put it to the good use pf transforming the world.


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