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 Blooming Stars

Dis-oriented Humanity

             Humanity currently is confused and dis-oriented as evidenced by a lack of purpose, direction, and value system. It has not yet recovered from the gross human rights violations of the past. The deep scars of gaping wounds dealt on humanity throughout its history by invasions, slavery, colonialism, racism, casteism, and sexism are very visible. Numerous religious and civil wars, aggressions for territorial expansion, two world wars, and many international conflicts of the past and the present portray only the poverty of the human spirit. Freedom and equality are still victims of might and wealth. Women are still oppressed. Human rights are blatantly violated with impunity. We are on the brink of nuclear disasters and human annihilation. Scandalous wealth side by side with abject poverty mocks in the face of humanity. The bankruptcy of the human spirit is the greatest tragedy of our time.

            Affluence and luxuriously wanton living has only bought into greater health problems. Humans are only existing and functioning, not living, loving, and celebrating life. Alcohol and drugs to escape from stress, tensions and problems of modern life have only mangled the human body and spirit. Freedom without responsibility and rights without obligations have caused further deterioration. Governments with corrupt officials and power-hungry politicians without principles are malignant cancers draining the vital sap of states and nations. A great deal of human energy is spent on sexualizing the materialistic, consumer society further aggravating an already terrible condition. The fact that the incessant effort of making the exterior smell nice while the inner self is spewing out stench is there for all to see.

            In sum, the status of the physical, mental, and spiritual health of humanity is poor at best. Humanity is barely living. Human is composed of body, mind, and soul. Body and mind are meant to serve the soul that is immortal and imperishable. Yet the sad reality is that the greatest importance is given to the body which is merely a plant for the mind and soul. Most of one’s time, energy, and resources are devoted to the well-being of one’s body which ironically enough suffers much due to the neglect of the spirit, psyche, and soul. This is what happens when means become ends, and goals in life are not ordered and prioritized. Education, commercialized as it is, is for competitive jobs for making money instead of acquiring knowledge for right and purpose-driven living.

            What is the solution? The immediate practical solution is to change the war economy of the world into a peace-making economy where everyone can flourish, everyone’s basic needs are taken care of, and everyone can grow and develop one’s full potentials. This is possible when there is a will for it, everyone lives also for others, and all become winners. Some structures need to change. I would like to mention a few changes. United Nations need to be re-organized on the basis of proportionate representation of populations, and have well-equipped, genuine peace-keeping forces to maintain the world order. No one needs any veto power. United States does not need to police the world, have any “moral superiority” so it alone can have nuclear weapons while others are not permitted to have. No nation needs nuclear weapons.

            Nations such as China and Cuba need to join the family of democracies. Theocracies such as Iran and other nations like Pakistan aspiring to be such have no place especially in a world that is patently multi-cultural. Freedom and democracy need to spread to all the Arab countries. Palestine needs to become a nation state, and the Israeli lobby especially in the United States should not be allowed to come in the way with undue influence and money. The Vatican needs to dismantle its hierarchical structure becoming more transparent that is indicative of a spiritual body and that sets itself as a light on a mountain. All monarchies need to go. People in constitutional monarchies need to be made aware of the benefits of abolishing these burdensome, out-dated institutions for their own psyche and true democratic dignity. All religions need to get together and develop with love and compassion a minimum program for the world that is spiritual and devoid of vested interests.

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