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 Blooming Stars

Cosmic Spirituality

            Spirituality is who we are and what we are all about. Our body is our facility to serve our spirit, where spirituality happens. Its sole purpose is to serve our spirit, our consciousness, and our immortal soul. In the modern age things got turned around. The body that is supposed to be the means has become an end in itself. The triumph of materialism made possible the cultivation and worship of the body at the expense of the spirit. Industrialization and technological advances have contributed to undreamt material prosperity. Modernization and westernization go hand in hand. The West and the Eastern countries such as Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, and Singapore that imitate especially the United States have become models of prosperity for the East. The run-away affluence marked by enormous waste has created a throw-away society where persons gorged with fattening food have become over-weight and obese, and cannot be accommodated by ever-changing closet-full of clothes and ward-robes. Any more what matter are looks and body shapes.

            Character and perennial values are out of the window. Three predominant things, for instance, that preoccupy the minds of waking persons, especially in the United States, are how to reduce weight, how to seduce or conquer a boy-friend or girl-friend, even if it be for a one night stand, and weather. At least most of the conversation heard about relates to these three topics. Tolerance for pain is becoming less and less as each day passes by. Every house-hold is a veritable poly-pharmacy with quick remedies for every sneeze and sniffle, ache and pain, stress and constipation. Erectile dysfunction has become a household phrase. The most frequently used words even in minor conflicts relate to bodily and sexual functions. Self-control and self-discipline are taboo words for a permissive and promiscuous society. In a drug-culture that looks for instant euphoria and fix from boredom and emptiness, religion has lost its traditional, salutary, benign hold on people. Religion losing its moorings as well as its substance became unprincipled, and, lagging in leadership, got mired in defensive posturings. Instead of being champions of the spirit leading the way by broad, enlightened policies and sound spiritual guidelines geared to establish the Kingdom of God, they failed to guide and bring societies ashore from a constantly buffeted, storm-tossed, turbulent ocean. In this background of the general decline of culture and civilization that I would like to present a few thoughts and some important signs of what is called Cosmic or Universal Spirituality needed at this critical point when humanity is at the cross-roads looking for dire need of direction to take the right road:

• Cosmic Spirituality is the spirituality that everyone is born into.

• This spirituality is common to all humans as they are created in the image of God, and destined to join God as the final goal.

• It goes beyond religions. While religions have exercised some benign control on the wild impulses of their members, they have not succeeded in moving humanity beyond a point. They have become anti-signs as they fight among themselves, and as they do not have a common minimum program for humanity wherein theycan constructively cooperate. Humanity currently does not look to religions and their leaders for creative solutions to humanity’s pressing concerns and problems.

•As God communicates God’s Self fully and adequately in various modes and manifestations of nature, this spirituality is automatically imprinted in every human at the time of birth.

• A sublime order of nature (Prakriti Dharma) manifests for the whole humanity this unique spirituality.

• The Eternal Righteousness (Sanatan Dharma) as a way of life is another way of describing this spirituality.

• This spirituality believes in one God, one religion, one race or caste, and one class.

• It does not recognize any kind of discriminations on the basis of color, caste, creed, gender, and ethnic origin.

• It believes in the brother/sisterhood of humans and the oneness of humanity.

• It considers God to be the Truth that sets everyone free.

• It defines God to be the Love that administers justice with compassion.

• It sees everyone as unique and equal.

• It respects human rights and everyone’s dignity.

• It thrives in harmony with nature, and in forgiveness and reconciliation among humans.

• It takes from nature only what it needs.

• This spirituality is guided by one’s conscience that distinguishes right from wrong, true from false, and good from evil.

            In Cosmic Spirituality everybody finds his/her bliss while concerned about the well-being of the entire humanity.

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