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 Blooming Stars

Challenging Times

            I have been in the USA since September 8, 2016. I am deeply aware that I am in the final stage of my life on our beloved planet. I am carefully sorting out things that I need to do before I say final farewell to my near and dear ones and to close associates. I had some deep spiritual sharing with Mataji about our tasks ahead in India and the US especially about our modeling and witnessing to life in old age. Not long ago a friend of mine asked me if I would like to be 20 years younger than I am. After brief reflection I replied in the negative. Tempting as it is to be younger by 20 years, I would still have to come to this point again. I must say in passing that this is the most exciting stage of my life. I have a habit of examining my life periodically to see if I could have done things differently and better. I came to the conclusion that I did everything with good intentions and the knowledge I possessed then. This is not to say that I did not try to fudge. But at such times I had problem sleeping. And I knew better: I managed to stick with my own conscience and paid dearly emotionally and financially in my life. I have not followed the popular and well-beaten paths in my life. That left me often alone in my journey. I have no regrets about how I lived and what I did so far. I stood my ground most of the times definitely and strongly, sometimes cautiously and not so vigorously.

            I spend most of the time in solitude and silence in spite of tempting invitations for parties and visiting interesting places. I am very near the vast confluence of mighty Mississippi and Missouri with serene trails and thick woods along the rivers. Silence helps me to listen to the almost inaudible voice of my conscience that contains God’s tender and merciful but seemingly harsh communication. Solitude helps me to be more keenly aware of nature. I see the squirrels tirelessly collecting life-sustaining nuts for the impending harsh winter. As I refresh myself I am also storing up energy for my life back in the ashram in Munnar, India.

            These are very challenging times. These challenges and choices call for clear decisions. Everything happens for a reason. Every age has its’ own challenges that can help us grow or stagnate and wither. Specifically I am very concerned about the national climate here in the US that has become recently very turbulent, nasty, and toxic. When I made some uncomplimentary remarks in my last article about the Republican candidate for the president of the US from a psychological perspective, I had no inkling of the depth of his major, tragic character flaw that the avalanche of revelations (on October 8, 2016) from a 3-minute videotape related to his predatory sexual behavior and bragging and sexual assault on women contained.

            As the top republican leadership of the party abandoned him as they considered the recent revelation to be indefensible, he is casting aspersions on democracy and the democratic electoral process of the leading democracy that is, imperfect as it is, still truly a model for the world. I do not want to dismiss his innuendoes and pronouncements as mere rationalizations of a mere frustrated, bad loser and spoiler as he has a hard core following that can cause serious damage. The fall-out coming out of the revelations of primitive, predatory, sexual behaviors has gotten women to go public and talk about abject sexual abuse that they suffered and lived through with scars in their life. When I talk about the treatment of women by men in the US, I am equally painfully aware of the way men treat women in India. May be it will take some twenty years before women in India will voice the sexual indignities they suffered and still suffer from men.

            While I am deeply concerned about sexual abuse everywhere, I take this opportunity to warn especially women in the US of having recourse to false sexual accusations especially in child custody battles in court. Currently some overzealous legislators in India are making misguided laws that women may use to trap men. There is no doubt in my mind that consciousness related to women being sovereign subjects need to grow fast in the minds of men and women. We need to thoroughly examine the child-rearing practices related to boys and girls. Boys and men should be severely reprimanded and punished when they prey on girls and women in places such as streets, school campuses, and shopping centers. The Republican candidate condescendingly dismissed his brutish, savage, sexual acting-out as locker-room behavior.

            If such behaviors take place in locker-rooms it is high time for any civilized society to stop it. But then we enabled and grew this monster and tolerated his many dehumanizing remarks and outbursts as our valueless culture allowed him to seductively titillate our baser natures. We need to become aware that we cannot let him flourish on scandalous wealth that he amassed from tax loopholes our unenlightened representatives created as we bear the burden of the government paid from taxes from our hard-earned money. He cannot be allowed to “buy” women at will. Abuse of any kind anywhere will derail humanity, and delay unduly its arrival at the destination intended by God or the Force of evolutionary Consciousness. History amply proves that the more we allow humanity to be delayed in its growth of consciousness by a few seemingly powerful but ignorant, misguided individuals, the less quality of life and bliss we will have in this world.


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