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 Blooming Stars

Basic Orientation

             Education for re-orientation of humanity is of paramount importance. Humans need to work in harmony and fellowship. We have learned a lot from trial and error, dissensions and wars, and dysfunctional living of the entire humanity so far. A basic requirement for persons sharing a common destiny and space – our earth – is cooperation rather than cut-throat competition. A minimum basic training program should be mandatory for all living on this globe. This basic program should consist of training in:

• Formation of conscience based on purpose in life, common good, and a value system.

• Ethical living and conduct.

• spirituality (trans-religious) : quintessence of all religions connecting with one God.

• Unity of humanity: unconditional respect for all, no discrimination and exploitation of any kind.

• Freedom and equality.

• A philosophy of life based on a worldview and one’s religious belief or persuasion.

• Meditation, yoga, and relaxation.

• Relentless search for truth, transparent behavior, and purity of intention.

• Cooperative living: building healthy relationships and friendships.

• Utmost respect and tolerance for all.

• Freedom of expression, respectful and agreeable disagreements.

• Forgiveness and reconciliation.

• Holistic living and stress management.

• Non-violent resolution of conflicts among individuals and nations.

• Management of time, leisure, and resources.

• Nutritious cooking and eating, basic survival skills.

• Physical and mental hygiene, cleanliness of body and one’s surroundings.

• Ecology and preservation of natural resources: no littering and pollution.

• Social justice and equitable sharing of earth’s goods and resources.

• Skills in promoting harmony among persons and societies.

• A legal system wherein mediation rather than adversarial positions are encouraged.

• Acquaintance with sacred scriptures of major world religions.

• Familiarity with great models of humanity.

• Basic requirements of a conscientious world citizen.

• Loving and compassionate relating.

• Treating others as one would like to be treated.

            This basic education and training essential for re-orienting humanity prepare all for living in peace and harmony wherein only all humans created in the image of God can become all they are capable of becoming, and fulfill their mission in life. All other education geared to specializations need to take place on the basis of ability, aptitude, and interests of the individuals, and needs of the communities in which they live. Finally, a nation or for that matter humanity itself will be judged by the way it takes care of its weakest and least powerless members.


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