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Autocracy is a Sin -1

            Autocracy is a cardinal sin in the modern age. Moral theology text books need to be revised to include autocracy as a serious sin. Autocracy stunts human growth. It does not help persons to become who they need to be spiritually, emotionally, and physically. It really comes in the way of God's plan for humans in that it does not help humans to achieve God-given potential fully. It is incompatible with spirituality. It goes against the glorious liberty of God's children spoken of in the scriptures. All humans are created equal; are sovereign; have the same in-alienable rights; are same before the eyes of God; are governed by the same laws; and have the same rights and obligations. If so, why does wide-spread autocracy still persist in this era of democracy that is the destination for humanity living in society? Autocracy is an anomaly in an age of democracy.

            Autocracy had a place in the evolution of humanity from the law of the jungle (might is right) to serfdom and slavery, racism and caste regime to authoritarianism and autocracy, and finally to the last stage of democracy. In the initial stage of evolution humans complied and obeyed on account of the fear of punishment. In undemocratic, authoritarian, and theocratic societies and settings humans were made to comply with the laws formulated by the supreme religious or political authorities. There was no religious or political freedom. There was no freedom of speech or expression or assembly. The state eliminated non-compliant persons through institutionalized force. Human rights did not exist. Placators and sycophants thrived. Persons did anything and everything to save their neck, skin. The assumption in autocracy is that a certain supreme authority knows what is good for the rest. According to autocracy, a hierarchical system where everyone knows everyone's position, role, and function works smoothly. Nothing is left to chance or human vagaries. Nobody questioned the authority. Nobody could question the authority without incurring the wrath of the authority or without putting one's life in peril.

            This was the situation in the dark middle ages where any progress in science and technology was scorned. Anything that did not fit in with their understanding or the understanding of their hand-picked advisors was coming from the devil, and therefore to be silenced. Their understanding or interpretation of the scriptures was enforced. Others were heretics or schismatics. Only they could interpret the scriptures. Only they could teach what is morally good and bad. The freedom of conscience was suppressed. There was no scope for conscientious objection. They developed a theology to justify their scheme of things. The divine right of kings justified monarchy. They developed a doctrine of infallibility and primacy for the supreme spiritual head. They set the norms for religious and holy living. They through their peculiar thinking convinced the ordinary simple people that they channel salvation, safety, and security in this life and the life to come.

            In the medieval world dominated by Christians, for instance, they usurped the right to mediate as if the only mediator that is Christ is not enough. Hindu priests and scholars in their scriptures and Muslim mullahs were not any different. The religious leaders taught the followers how to pray, what prayers to say, what rituals to follow, what practices to adhere to, what penance to follow for purification and regaining the lost state of grace. In effect autocrats say: "Leave thinking to us, the rest we will take care. We know what God wants from you, from us. We are the representatives of God specially chosen and called for this service. We will not lead you astray. We have guarantee from God”. Christian autocrats will say: "See how Christ saved us. He emptied himself of his divinity, became a human like us, and was obedient to his Father (God) even unto death on the cross. Be obedient to us and become true followers of Christ. And we will sanctify obedience and it will be henceforth called holy obedience". What I said about Christians is also true of Muslims and Hindus in varying degrees. And of course politicians were and are very smart to adopt this idea of obedience to serve the objectives of their parties and to make their followers subservient. The end result in the spheres of politics and religion is that God who gave humans the most distinguishing characteristic - freedom - is out of the picture.


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