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 Blooming Stars

Autocracy is a Sin 7

            The main tasks for the Church as I see them are:

• Giving spiritual leadership to a world that is confused in that it is getting more and more immersed in materialism, and going after pleasures that really do not satisfy the human spirit. The overwhelming majority of people in the world is good, and wants to do the right thing. They are in need of spiritual guidance. The educational systems in the world do not sufficiently focus on a value system and spirit life that would help them lead a virtuous life.

• A positive world-view and out-look on humanity. The concept of Original Sin has done immense harm to humanity. A defective humanity right from the start of creation does no glory to God or humanity. Humanity’s fall from grace requiring a redeemer was an unduly harsh punishment for the disobedience of Adam and Eve. It gives the impression that Adam and Eve were set up! Such a harsh punishment is unthinkable for a compassionate God who is Our Father/Mother. A thorough revision of the Fall-Redemption theology where Christ is required as the redeemer needs to take place. Christ as the pre-eminent teacher and model (Sadguru) serving as a corrective force for humanity may take the place of a redeemer. It does not diminish his importance, necessity, and stature.

• Embracing advances in science and technology and providing moral and rational guidelines for scientists for the betterment of humanity is a must. Science and religion do not need to keep cautious, respectable distance from each other because of the difficult and acrimonious past. Church does not need to be perceived as a stumbling block to science and technology. Human resources spent on science and technology need to improve the quality of life for all humankind.

• The concept of private property needs to be thoroughly examined and revised. The social function of property needs to be emphasized. Trusteeship of material resources need to be encouraged. The example of Native Americans (the original inhabitants of the Americas) holding air, water, and land in common before the Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, French, and British colonizers is very exhilarating. In that regard they were more civilized than us, the so-called colonizers. Imagine the billions of territorial and border disputes that resulted in so many deaths and injuries!! No individual or nation should be able to amass wealth at the expense of other humans, and beyond a reasonable limit. The Church needs to be always on the side of the oppressed and the down-trodden. My contention is that if the Church were on the side of the oppressed, communism and socialism would or could have developed a democratic, spiritual, and humane face.

• Advancing freedom, equality, and justice for all irrespective of race, caste, color, creed, class, and gender is of utmost importance. All are equal and precious in the eyes of God.

• Formulating morality and moral truths in the context of existential living and relentless search for truth and meaning.

• Focusing on democracy and human rights for peace and a viable political system that can advance amity among nations.

• A spirituality beyond religions paving for a holistic living. Religions the way they fight among themselves have only been self-defeating in the way they present the only God.

• Harnessing energy of religions for harmonious living. Cooperation among various religions can only present God in a favorable and positive light.

• Striving for unity of humanity as everyone is created in the image of God.

            The Church is a sign of realities beyond this world. It has to critically evaluate and build on sound evolving physical realities. The Church has an obligation to present the unadulterated teaching of Christ to the world. Everybody who follows Christ’s teachings represents Christ. The answer to the question of who represents Christ more needs to be left to God alone. As humans in this world Christians need to use wholesome structures that respect human rights. Christ’s teachings are very clear about oppressive, evil structures in this world. No representative of him can and should use any oppressive measure in the name of Christ. No democratic system can come in the way of holiness or striving for God’s Kingdom.


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