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 Blooming Stars

All Will Be Saved

            In God’s infinite wisdom and inscrutable ways all will be saved. In a world that abounds in self-righteousness, needless judgments, and condemnations, speculations of salvation for all are seen in Christian and Hindu scriptures or traditions. In Christian tradition there is purgatory or a center for purification with a view to salvation. But then what about the unforgivable sin of blasphemy about the Holy Spirit that Christ spoke about (Matthew 12: 31)? Some writers think that this sin applied only to the time of Christ’s ministry when his enemies stated that he drove out demon by the power of demon. It is really unthinkable for me to think that the Compassionate Father in the parable of the Prodigal Son, who stands for God, could condemn his children to eternal hell. In Hindu tradition there is a chain of rebirths through which one can achieve final liberation. Nobody knows how our all-merciful and compassionate God works. All those who proclaim otherwise can only be compared to the sophists of Socrates’ time when they pretended to know everything while wise Socrates said he knew that he did know. Our knowledge of God comes from our belief systems and our close experience of nature.

            In the middle of every week I spend one day in silence and solitude close to nature spending my time mostly in landscaping and planting fruit trees and flower plants. I try to be aware of the intense presence of God in me and Nature around me, while surrendering to God totally. On such a day this week, I was overwhelmed by a feeling of God taking care of everything and saving every one. My experience of God also supports this strong feeling. Whether this is true or not I can only leave to God.

            Speaking about sin: not surrendering to God’s will is the worst sin. Every possible evil follows when one does not surrender to God. The greatest evil is to use another person for one’s own benefit and enjoyment. Humanity has gone through intensely evil periods of institutionalized slavery, racism, casteism, and colonialism. Religions are preoccupied with the protection of their own turfs while neglecting the exploitation of human beings through sexism and other violations of human rights. While we do have a sure and mighty task of working for the welfare of all humans on this earth, who is going to be saved can be left to God whose sole task it is.


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