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 Blooming Stars

A Universal Prayer

            An Introductory Note:I came across a substantial part of this prayer I wrote about five years ago, while reorganizing my new office. This prayer is in the context of my going through a very difficult and crucial period of decisions, a period when I felt abandoned by close relatives and managers of my affairs in the past due to choices I continue to make in the light of my spiritual discernment that envisions a spirituality beyond religions and a practical life beyond blood relationships and political loyalties. At this point, all the energy I can muster is directed toward unity of humanity (Sarva Loka Aikyam) and friendship toward all religions (Sarva Matha Sauhrudam). Elements in the prayer are assimilated and integrated over the years from on-going experiments in what I consider to be holistic and spirit-guided. My living is marked by increasing fearlessness, an ardent desire for integrity, and a surrendering to what is. Needless to say, the prayer integrates my own angst and relentless search and findings. No originality is claimed.


God, Universal Consciousness, Parameshwar (Cosmic Controller),

You govern the whole creation, and care for it; I surrender to you totally.

I know not what will happen to me; but I am sure nothing will happen

That has not been by you willed, pre-ordained, and foreseen.

There are times when I wonder about your own existence;

Sometimes I wonder if I have the right kind of faith;

One thing I am certain; I desire to love you with my whole being.

And love my fellow humans as I love myself.

Often times I fail in this. But I never give up; I try and try again.

If I do not receive what I ask for, help me accept what you give or permit.

Even if I do not manage to do any good to any human,

Let me not do harm to anyone in thought, word, or deed.

As a searcher of Truth I do not want to wander away from your Path.

My constant yearning is to live and move in you every moment;

And do only your Will as communicated through my conscience.

You are within, outside, and around me. You know all about me.

There are even times when I wonder if I am not a great pretender,

Hiding under the guise of search for truth, playing a clever game of security.

I hear myself saying even while calling on you opportunistically:

“Hey Great you, if you do exist, make my journey gentler, pleasanter.”

Be that as it may; for you know who I am and accept me as I am.

Give me the grace to love every one the way you love;

To treat everyone the way you treat.

Let me accept and bless all. Let me celebrate the life you have given.


(Swami Snehananda Jyoti)


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