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 Blooming Stars

God Connection

            Over the years I have come to the strong conviction that it is well-nigh impossible to have God connection without harmonious involvement with nature. Nature reveals God in manifold ways: in the blossoming of a flower, in the melodious chirping of a bird, in the frolicsome leap of a calf, in the pure, innocent smile of a child. Everything in nature reminds us of God – the Higher Power, the Organizing Intelligence. As we explore the universe and make progress in science and technology, we are becoming more and more aware of the marvels of the universe and the magnificence of God.

            As I became aware of the importance of nature not just for admiration and contemplation but also for deep connectedness with God, I became aware of my role cultivating, landscaping, and beautifying it several hours.Whenever possible,as a bhoomiputran I grow vegetables, plant flowers and trees, tend cows, and build retaining walls to stop land erosion and to trap rain water. These hours afford me special joy, satisfaction, exhilaration, and mystical union with nature and God. The sheer pleasure that comes from union with nature and the Organizing Intelligence drowns for me the distinction between theism and atheism. We are all called to the mystic union that results from the cosmic harmony that pulls everything together in unity and equilibrium.

            Materialism and consumerism seem to have taken over our civilization pushing spirituality to take the back seat for a period in history. The golden period of materialism is going to peak and decline when people get fed up with its inner emptiness. Humanity has not fully corrected its course from slavery, race and caste discriminations, severe human rights violations, and authoritarianism before the plague of materialism and the hoarding of wealth and world’s resources by a select few celebrated by numb and dumb billions have engulfed the world. The overwhelming majority seems to be helpless spectators of a world civilization shaped by a few immoral, self-centered, and unscrupulous entrepreneurs whose only value is material prosperity and body cult. A few multi-national corporations are capable of controlling world’s resources. They produce agricultural and factory goods, and convert the world into a market place that thrives in service industry, and create a new class of slavery. It is in this context that one needs to connect with nature to learn its inner workings to preserve one’s sanity and integrity. This connection with nature alone can bring connection with God, the creator of nature that also includes us. Connection with God is tantamount to connection with nature that prevents mindless exploitation of nature, and preserves a healthy ecological system.


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