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"You are your own master; you make your own future."   - Dhammapada





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            East West Awakening (EWA) is a non-profit holistic organization for integration of the body, mind, and spirit with a view to awareness and self-realization. It draws from wisdom streams of East and West. It assimilates healthy elements from any religion, persuasion, and tradition. It serves all peoples irrespective of race, colour,class, nationality, and creed. The purpose of East-West Awakening is to facilitate self-realization, peace, soul-force, healing, and reconciliation with others and God in order to create a global community respecting cultural diversity.
Our Logo
           The logo contains symbols of all the major religions of the world and the male and female energies (yin and yang). The pyramid in the center with different shades and circle integrates all the elements radiating light and illuminating the whole universe.
Holistic Life
            Summary of the Discourses and major works of Swami (Dr.) Snehananda Jyoti, Llessons on Holistic Living, Current events across the world ....
           International Counseling Forum (ICF) is geared to helping people with mild to moderate emotional, spiritual, and nutritional issues, concerns, and problems on line. Problems in living adjustments and relationships will also be addressed. This is a help-line especially for those who do not have easy access for help. The forum consists of intake workers and varying levels of experts in diverse fields of holistic living who will be coordinated. The goal is to dispense help on a timely basis until the situation is satisfactorily dealt with. The forum is currently guided and directed by Swami (Dr.) Snehananda Jyoti who is a clinical psychologist, and Founder Acharya Guru of East-West Awakening Ministries. ICF is expected to be launched in 2011.
           'Institute of Students Awakening' is designed to create a students community, focused on overall individual growth of youngsters. The program intends to extend free moral support and necessary guidelines to the community. Students and youngsters from around the world are expected. The project is managed by a team of trained guides. The projecct will be launched in 2011 June.
Help EWA
           If you like what we are doing, or if you want to share in a global community of brotherhood and sisterhood, and if you want to help those who are less fortunate than we are, please send your offering to:

East-West Awakening, Shantisadan Siddhashram, Pottenkad P O, Munnar, Kerala 685 569
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